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At Chrysalis we are People Caring for and About People. We hire talented caring people. We believe that together we are and will make the world a better place one person at a time.

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Chrysalis is an incredible place where YOU have the opportunity to build neat relationships and make a massive difference in someone's life. We hope you will share your talents, abilities, and unique personality with us. You may be the key to unlocking someone's potential. Chrysalis is not an easy job, but you will look back on it as one of the most important things you have ever done in your life. Skeptical? Watch these videos to understand how sharing your talents, abilities, and passion for life can change the world one person at a time.

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A female with her hands to her eyes looking to the future. The shadow on the wall is a female wearing a cape. "Find your Purpose and Be the Hero of Your Own Story"

Find Your Purpose and Be the Hero of Your Own Story

Direct Support Professional

Most Chrysalis team members start out as Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). DSPs are the direct caregivers to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities that Chrysalis serves. They plan and carry out activities, help prepare meals, work on goals, and are friends, mentors, and caregivers. Most individuals in our services need 24-hour care, so DSPs work shifts with the people. Most houses have three to four individuals living in the home and, depending on the needs of the individuals, have one or more DSP working with them at a time. At night DSPs work awake grave shifts to ensure everyone is ok throughout the night.


DSPs have many promotion opportunities, including house managers, office staff, medical team, human resource professionals, behavior assistants, and many other positions. Many people become associate directors, behavior analysts, therapists, or nurses, and some end up being senior associates, senior behavior analysts, clinical directors, or area directors. 99% of the company, including our CEO, COO, VP of Utah, HR Director, Area Directors, Clinical Directors, and every other position, started as DSPs. Even some of our accounting team began their careers as DSPs. 

DSPs carry out the core function of our mission to make sure each person in our services achieves their adjacent possibilities. Our goal is to help them learn, grow, and progress and make meaningful connections with people. To keep them safe and protected. The people we serve are some of the neatest people in the world. They will change your life.

That doesn't mean this job is easy! Working with people is difficult at times. This job takes patience, a vision of the future, perseverance, and a caring personality. We have seen people make tremendous improvements in their lives. We know it is possible, so we do everything we can to help them succeed. It is not easy, but it is most definitely worth it! Would you please join us and help us make a difference for these people? You will soon realize that it is you that has changed. Life gets put into a different perspective when you work at Chrysalis. Join us!

SUU Haltime Interview with Chrysalis

Listen to an SUU Football half time show interview to learn more about the difference you can make. Addresses used in interview are specific to Cedar.

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Registered Behavior Technician

The Chrysalis Connects program works with children and adolescents with Autism. The Chrysalis Behavior Analyst will assess the person and develop a curriculum to help them progress in their life. The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is specially trained and licensed to work one-on-one with individuals with Autism to help them progress.

RBTs must take a 40-hour course, pass a nationally recognized test, and become licensed RBT. Chrysalis covers the test cost and pays employees while taking their coursework. The Behavior Analyst then trains RBTs specifically to carry out each person's plan. Behavior Analysts then continue to observe and coach the RBTs. 

Being a Registered Behavior Technician is a rewarding job and is an excellent first step to becoming a behavior analyst.

A Team Dedicated to Making the World Better

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