Host Homes & Professional Parents

When Family Meals Matter

Some people thrive when they are in a family setting.  They need the stability and connection that only a family can provide. Chrysalis has attracted some incredible families to serve as professional parents. Before being accepted as a host home or professional parent applicants must undergo background checks, home inspections, training, and agree to follow Chrysalis Care Guidelines.


Life is an Adventure

Individuals living with a family engage in outdoor recreation, hiking, and having fun.


The Subsidy and Rep Payee Department

Chrysalis' has become experts at Social Security, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Housing Subsidies. We have also developed proprietary software that automagically tracks paystubs, over asset limits, utilities, full financial reporting, and many more important functions. Our team will track and carry out all requirements to get and keep individuals eligible for Social Security, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Housing, and other subsidies. We also can become Representative Payee and streamline budgeting, automatic bill pay and personal spending money.

  • Social Security, Medicaid and Food Stamp Initial Enrollment

  • Social Security Annual Reviews

  • Medicaid Annual Reviews

  • Food Stamp Annual Reviews

  • Housing Subsidy Applications and Renewals

  • Pay Stab Tracking and Reporting

  • Asset tracking and reporting

  • Representative Payee Services

  • Automatic Bill Pay for Rents, Utilities, and Medical Bills.

  • Each Individual receives their own debit card for groceries, eating out, personal needs, and activities.

  • Monthly financial report of all assets reported to family and state workers detailing all income and expenses.

  • Financial oversight and budgeting tools.

  • ABLE Account set up and assistance with administration.

  • Special Needs Trust Liaison 

And what do we charge for each of these services? Absolutely nothing, all services are included with 24 Hour Shared Home Services.

Medical Care and Medication Adherence

The Medical Department and Pharmacy

Area Medical Team

Each Chrysalis office has a medical team consisting of Medical Coordinators, Medical Assistants, Medical Drivers, and in most cases Nurses. The medical team schedules annual medical appointments, dental appointments, OBGYN visits, as needed appointments, and follow up visits. The medical department is also a liaison with the pharmacy. The medical team fills out Medical Appointment sheets before each visit so the doctor can communicate any findings, prescription changes, or medical orders.  Every appointment is then recorded in Fusion, Chrysalis' proprietary software as a permanent record. The medical team is a caring 

_A7A2200-Provo Med Team.jpg

A Chrysalis Medical Team

Meridian Meds Pharmacy

Chrysalis is always looking for the adjacent possible to improve our quality of care. In 2012 Chrysalis founded a sister company called Meridian Meds LLC to drastically improve the quality of pharmacy care for people with intellectual disabilities. Meridian Meds invested in special robotics to package medications in strip packs. Each packet is a separate dose for a specific person, date, and time. Meridian Meds uses a unique robot to photograph and digitally analyze each packet to ensure the correct pills are in the packet. The robot matches each drug according to shape, size, color, and quantity and compares it to the order. Once everything is perfect, a pharmacist does a final quality check on all the medications. 

We hire skilled pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Our focus is on quality care. We know that every penny spent on medications is a missed recreational activity so we have decreased prices while simultaneously increasing quality. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and have built incredible processes to ensure quality. Each person has a pharmacist conduct a medical review each month comparing last months prescriptions to this month's prescriptions. Any changes are investigated to ensure medications with no refills were removed at the doctors orders and not just because the refills ran out. Instead of single pharmacist checks we have robots, technicians, and multiple pharmacist checks along the way. We are proud of the care we provide our patients. Watch this video to get a better idea of what we mean by quality care.