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Chrysalis Offers a  Continuum of Care

 Hourly Services While Living at Home 

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Hourly Service

Autism Services

Chrysalis has a long track record of helping people.  Our Behavior Analysts can help your child in your home or in our clinics.  Chrysalis' team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) conduct assessments, develop individualized and empirically-based curriculum, train staff members to effectively implement procedures, and monitor the progress of every child receiving Chrysalis' services. The behavior analyst also works with each child's family to ensure they are able to successfully implement necessary procedures.

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Supported Living

Chrysalis provides Supported Living Services for those people with intellectual disabilities still living at home with parents or at their own home. Supported Living services allow a Direct Support Professional to support them as needed. For some that might just be to help them access the community on activities. For others, it may mean checking in on them daily and helping them complete tasks around the home or to learn new skills. Supported Living Services are crafted to meet the individuals needs and goals.

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Hourly Service

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 24 Hour Support: Full Time Living 

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24-Hour Support

Foster Family

For some individuals placement in a family situation is ideal.  Chrysalis Host Home / Professional Parents are trained to provide a caring home for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

This arrangement provides a family-like structure and natural support network. The family the person lives with becomes mentors, advocates, teachers, and lifelong friends.

Chrysalis provides a strong support team with years of experience in working with behavioral, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. Chrysalis has a team of experts that are experienced and trained in developing treatment plans, independent living and life skill goals as well as high-quality behavior modification plans.

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For some people, sharing a home in the community with other people with intellectual disabilities is the best situation.  Each person lives in their own room but shares the kitchen and living areas.  Great friendships can be formed in this environment.  Chrysalis team members staff the house to provide consistent support to become as independent as possible.  Chrysalis team members support the individuals with all  cooking, skill acquisition and activities. We also assist the Social Security and Medicaid programs, as well as Rep Payee and bill payment and financial assistance. Additional services like behavioral, nursing, or therapy are also available.

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24-Hour Support

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Day & Vocation

Chrysalis Day Services are typically available Monday through Friday. They allow people with intellectual disabilities the change to engage in activity based day services as well as vocational training and job placement depending on the individuals goals. Many individuals that are in our Foster Family or Shared Home programs attend one of our Day Services every week day. Whether the individual is pursuing vocational goals or looking for field trips, crafts, exercise, and activity based goals Chrysalis has something for everyone.

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Individuals in services who got a job working at a restaurant standing by their manager.

Daily or Hourly Support

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A Team Devoted to Your Success

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People Caring for and About People

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